At the Leicester Royal Infirmary we believe in creating a safe, caring and nurturing environment for our students to learn in. We have high expectations but are always considerate and sensitive to the medical and emotional needs of our students when inspiring them to do their very best.

Our curriculum is personalised and designed around our students’ interests. We take the time to get to know our children, building excellent relationships with them and their families. We make strong links with home-schools and ensure that our students are not missing out, so that when they are ready, they can transition smoothly back to their home-school or alternative provision.

Our whole school commitment to wellbeing and resilience drives our many successes. We strive to nurture all students and help them to progress academically, socially and emotionally.  In our unique teaching environment, every young person is known and valued and interests, knowledge, skills and understanding are planned into a personalised learning journey for each child.

All students receiving education at the Leicester Royal Infirmary are given a highly personalised programme designed to meet their individual needs. The LRI team provide education for all learners across EYFS, Primary, Secondary and SEND.

Wherever possible, students will follow the programme of study and curriculum set by their home school. Where adaptations are necessary, staff will ensure these take into account the child’s current circumstances. Each programme is designed to maintain a balance between academic rigour, wellbeing and the demands of the child’s treatment in hospital.

If the programme of study from a student’s home school is unavailable, the LRI team follow the National Curriculum, aiming to offer a broad and enriching curriculum. The staff at the LRI are able to offer subject specialist teaching in a range of areas, from EYFS to Key Stage 4. Should the child be in hospital during controlled assessments or examinations, staff can work with the home school to support the students through these.

Phonics Policy