For children who currently attend an early years setting, we provide an appropriate curriculum, following the EYFS areas of learning and development.   Activities and focussed tasks are provided to support children to develop skills and knowledge in the 17 areas of the curriculum.

In order to support our children in their early development we provide a combination of adult direct teaching and child-initiated learning, providing opportunities for sustained play-based learning within Continuous Provision. Our basic provision consists of these areas:

Through on-going assessment and observations, provision is enhanced to meet the identified learning needs to develop the emergent, expected and exceeding learner. This enables children to develop skills supporting a particular learning focus that is also based on the child’s interests. These are linked to the Early Learning Goals (ELGs).

During our adult-focused sessions we link the individual learning needs to our provision where we reinforce prior learning, teach new concepts and develop the following skills:

Problem solving and thinking Social development Fine and gross motor skills.
Number recognition, bonds, shape or measure Talk development Personal social development.

We provide a daily phonics lesson where we teach the relationship between letters and sounds. We also teach children to blend and segment the sounds in words to support them with their reading and writing. A daily Maths session is also taught covering numbers, shape and measures.

We place a large emphasis on early speech and language skills, recognising children need to be able to communicate their thoughts and needs. Through a variety of techniques, we nurture and support early communication and language skills.  Equally important is physical development of gross and fine motor skills. We provide a variety of activities to support early physical development, including focussed activities such as “Dough Disco” and other fun activities to help build finger strength, co-ordination and whole arm movements to support, amongst other skills, early writing.

Our aim is to nurture and develop well rounded individual children who have a love for learning and are curious to find out more about the world.

We have a long-term plan which is broken down into themes for the 6 terms, incorporating the important areas of learning within each one. The continuous provision in the classroom is guided by this, as are the lessons with individual students. The children’s own interests are also taken into account when planning for individuals as is done across the other Key Stages.

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