Willow Bank Day School provides an education for Key Stage 4 students (Years 10 & 11) who are unable to access education in their own school for medical reasons. Each student has a personalised timetable comprising core and foundation subjects. We also offer Arts Award, a vocational element, and a therapeutic curriculum, as appropriate. Individual timetables are designed to meet students’ academic needs, whilst taking account of health and emotional factors.

“At Willow Bank, the rich environment caters for the academic, social and health needs of students. Through strong relationships, ambitious teaching and high expectations, students make progress over weeks, months and years, achieving high engagement and sustained change” (Challenge Partners QA Review – April 2023)

The Willow Bank Day school is a small school to between 50 and 70 students. We provide an education for Key Stage 4 students that are not able to attend their usual school. Our aim is to provide a good school experience with a quality education and exciting opportunities to enable to students to build their knowledge, skills and their resilience so that they are better equipped to enjoy their learning and life.

At Willow Bank School all pupils receive a warm welcome and have not one but two tutors! This is so that we can look after all their needs, in the classroom and around the school. We work closely with families and the medical professionals involved so that we can be sure to provide the best support for each individual.

Our pupils face lots of challenges. These include gaps in knowledge from previous absences, poor concentration and anxiety about what will happen in school and many are worried about making friends. We know that social times can be as difficult as lessons. To make the school day as smooth as possible we have a high staff ratio so that pupils are given all the support they need throughout the day.

We have small teaching groups and every student has a timetable that is personalised. Some students attend for a small number of hours and others have a full timetable. Some pupils will split their time between Willow Bank School and their own school. We will try to find a way to maximize everyone’s potential while giving all the support that is needed.

We have our own cook who takes the time to learn all the dietary needs and preferences of the pupils (and staff) and makes sure we are all well fed. We provide activities such as music, gardening and cooking to those that need something a bit of a different in order to manage their day. While students attend Willow Bank School we try to ensure that they have good opportunities. We enrich the curriculum with theatre performances, trips to local museums and outdoor pursuits.

When it is the right time we will support students to return to their school, or to start a new one when that is needed. For those in year 11 who are looking to move to college or employment we have a Personal Advisor from Connexions to support them with their decisions. We work closely with CAMHS and medical staff so that we have the right levels of challenge and support.