Our School

The Children’s Hospital School provides education for students who are too ill to attend their mainstream school. Our students join us following a referral supported by medical evidence. Our role is to nurture, support, educate and enable students to reintegrate as, when and if appropriate. We teach in four school bases and in children’s homes. We aim to provide outstanding education and care in partnership with other agencies.

Willow Bank School

Willow Bank Day School provides an education for Key Stage 4 students (Years 10 & 11) who are unable to access education in their own school for medical reasons. Each student has a personalised timetable comprising core and foundation subjects. We also offer Arts Award, a vocational element, and a therapeutic curriculum, as appropriate. Individual timetables are designed to meet students’ academic needs, whilst taking account of health and emotional factors.

Leicester Royal Infirmary

At the Leicester Royal Infirmary we offer education to any child of school age during their time as an inpatient. We work in consultation with the family, home school, medical and nursing staff. On the children’s wards we teach in cubicles and at bedsides, bringing laptops, tablets and other teaching resources to the students. Where it is possible, we follow the curriculum provided by the child’s own school in order to minimise the impact of their absence from school.

The Beacon CAMHS Unit

We provide access to education for inpatients, assuming their health permits, providing a range of activities and supporting students to maintain their studies within a safe and enabling setting. We liaise closely with home schools / colleges and other agencies to aid transition back into mainstream settings.

Magpie Learning Centre

The Magpie Learning centre provides education for students in Years 5 – 10 who are unable to access education in their own school due to medical reasons. A broad and balanced curriculum is offered to support each student’s education until they are able to return to school. Both long and short term placements are offered at this provision.

Home Tuition

The school provides home tuition for primary and secondary students who are unable to attend their own school, on medical grounds. We endeavour to follow the courses that the students would be covering at their own school. Our offer is focused on the abilities and additional needs of our students across the age, ability and additional needs range.

More information about each area of our school can be found by following the links above.