Pupil Attainment

Pupils make substantial progress across the curriculum because teaching closely matches their individual needs, and because expectations of what they can achieve are high.”

“On arrival, all pupils have experienced gaps in their learning and some have negative attitudes to learning. No time is wasted in transforming pupils’ attitudes. By working with health and other agencies, teachers very quickly close the gaps in learning very precisely. Pupils’ rates of progress increase and many pupils make exceptional progress.”

“Pupils make excellent progress toward their individual targets because they benefit from the high-quality interventions, therapies and strategies the school provides. The most able pupils make significant progress across the curriculum. Disadvantaged pupils make at least similar progress to that of their classmates, and it is often faster. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education.”

(OFSTED – June 2017)


The Children’s Hospital School are incredibly proud of their GCSE results and the hard work, dedication and resilience that our students have shown despite their medical needs and personal daily challenges. Our Year 11 students have missed a significant amount of their education through illness yet all of them have managed to achieve at least one qualification.


The Children’s Hospital School are delighted with this year’s GCSE results and incredibly proud of the hard work, dedication and resilience that our students have shown despite their medical needs and personal daily challenges, but also with the disruption faced by Covid 19 in the past two years.

A range of GCSE and vocational courses have been followed and all of our students managed to achieve at least two qualifications.

At GCSE (and equivalent) there was a 100% pass rate in all subjects, with a total of 172 grades being awarded, including 20 grades at 7, 8 or 9.

Please find below a brief summary of performance.  A more detailed report is also available below.

RESULTS BY SUBJECT: GCSE AND EQUIVALENTNo. of entriesGrades 9 - 4Grades 9 - 1
English Language2250%100%
English Literature1963%100%
Double Science2245%100%
Film Studies888%100%
Fine Art667%100%
Health & Social Care Cambridge National863%100%
Functional Skills English - Entry Level3100%
Functional Skills Maths - Entry Level4100%
Entry Level Certificate Science250%
Edexcel Award Number & Measure Level 1683%
Functional Skills Maths - Level 15100%
Arts Award Bronze - Level 15100%
ICDL Level 1 Award6100%
ICDL Level 2 Certificate3100%

Please find below examination reports for 2019 – 2022.