Information for Schools and Colleges

At Leicester Royal Infirmary, Children’s Hospital School will provide education for children who are inpatients between EYFS and KS4. Children and young people are admitted to the LRI for many different reasons, and on average will stay for less than one week. However, some children may have a condition which requires frequent admissions to hospital, or an extended stay.

When a student is admitted to the LRI, they will be offered school a few days after their admission. If the child is too unwell, parents may not wish for the child to access school. If we are going to be working with the child, we will contact school as soon as we can. The education staff aim to marry academic and therapeutic progress by working closely with the medical professionals, families and schools.


  • Nominate a named contact within school, and for
  • Provide information about current topics, themes to be working on.
  • Provide an indication as to the current levels of attainment for the child so that we can plan appropriate lessons.
  • For older students who may be missing key pieces of work whilst in hospital provide us with information, for example about pieces of coursework or exams, we are often able to support the student in completing them
  • Keep in touch with their student’s parents/carers and keep them in the loop re parents’ evenings, letters etc.

The education team at the LRI contain teachers and teaching assistants. We have subject specialists in a number of areas and across all key stages.

We offer up to a maximum 10 hours of education/contact time a week. The actual amount of time will vary depending upon the needs of the child at any one time. Homework is only set if the young person is considered well enough to cope with it. Most of our lessons are taught 1:1 at the bedside to a programme specifically designed for each child.

We endeavour to send any completed work home with the child following their discharge. Should they have been in hospital for an extended period, we will send a report to the parents and to the school about their progress during their lessons.

Schools/colleges are welcome to visit their student by prior arrangement with the family.  Should you have any questions about your student, do not hesitate to contact us at the office by phone or email.