Based on academic and wellbeing needs, pupils will be placed into our ‘Eagles’ or ‘Falcons’ group. Each group runs 3 days per week for 12 weeks. After 4 weeks there is a review meeting to develop a transition plan with the pupil, family and schools

Pupils attend their home school alongside the placement to support their sense of belonging. The academic curriculum includes a range of subjects including English, maths, science, art, humanities and PSHE.

There is also a wellbeing curriculum including creative and outdoor learning to improve mental wellbeing by bringing fun, relaxation and respite from the stresses endured by their everyday lives, equipping them with strategies and a healthy attitude to maintaining their wellbeing.

Typical Timetable

To support a successful reintegration to school we aim to provide learning opportunities in which pupils can develop:

    • social skills
    • self-control
    • self-awareness
    • self-worth
    • resilience
    • independence
    • ambition