The Magpie Learning Centre provides education for pupils in Years 5-10 who are finding it difficult to access education in their own school due to mental and / or physical health. There are two different pathways available at the Magpie Learning Centre.  Full time pupils follow a personalised timetable comprising both academic and therapeutic elements. Those attending one of our part-time intervention groups will have a timetable designed to meet their specific needs.

Outside of the Magpie Learning Centre


For some children, attendance at school may be impacted by health issues including anxiety and mental health problems. If concerns are not addressed at an early stage, they can affect progress, outcomes and the transition process to secondary school.

The Children’s Hospital School have a range of early interventions for schools including short-term commissioned placements for pupils in Years 5-10 at our new provision – The Magpie Learning Centre. This would be for those children who do not meet the criteria for a Hospital Education place, for example those not yet working with CAMHS.

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The Magpie Learning Centre also offers full time education for students who are unable to access education in their own school for medical reasons. Each student has a personalised timetable comprising core and foundation subjects. We also offer Arts Award, a vocational element, and a therapeutic curriculum, as appropriate. Individual timetables are designed to meet students’ academic needs, whilst taking account of health and emotional factors.

Information about referrals for a hospital education place can be found here